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Welcome to WowBox!

Subscribe to a WowBox and get new & exciting snacks and drinks from amazing suppliers delivered to you every month. All for much less than what you would pay in the stores!

How It Works


Select a box and we’ll send you a surprise selection of food, snacks and drinks worth over £20 for less than £10 a month

WowBoxMe will curate and deliver a surprise selection of new, innovative and emerging products from unique brands every month.


However it gets even better! If you want an EXTRA £5 worth of products then review the surprises from your last box

Try the surprise products and give us your feedback by reviewing them online. The review process is easy, requiring you to simply rate the product from 1 to 5.


Visit the reward store to customise your next box to include those products you loved most

Your feedback gives you £5 to redeem in our reward store and we’ll send those EXTRA products in your next WowBox.

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Plans starting from
£ 9.50/mo + p&p

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Selection of 7-10 handpicked products worth over £ 17 in value
(includes alcoholic beverages)

Plans starting from
£ 6.67/mo + p&p

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Selection of 7-10 handpicked products worth over £ 14 in value
(excludes alcoholic beverages)