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How It Works

It’s a surprise, so we like to keep our lips sealed…You will however find a variety of exciting, new and innovative snacks, drinks and alcoholic products in your WowBox that are handpicked by us and customised by you. One thing we know is that you will get that WOW feeling when you discover something new, delicious and exciting.
WowBoxMe delivery list for every month is frozen at the midnight of 18th day of that month, i.e. If you join on or by the 18th of any month you shall receive your box filled with amazing products between the 25th and 28th of that month. If you sign up after the 18th you will receive your first box during 25th and 24th of the next month.
Yes, all subscriptions run to the last day of the calendar month. Your subscription renews automatically for the same term, unless you request to cancel/upgrade. i.e

  • Your monthly subscription auto-renews on the 1st of every month, from the month your first box is delivered.
  • Your 3 month subscription auto-renews on 1st day of the month after your subscription ends (third box delivered), for another 3 months
  • Your 6 month subscription auto-renews on 1st of the subsequent month after your subscription end (sixth box delivered), for another 6 months.
If you love our products you don’t have to do a thing – we enjoy making this easy for you!
At present there are three types of fine wine boxes to choose from, with all red, all white or a mixed wine box. The craft beer box contains 6 amazing new beers, larger and ales. The alcoholic box surprise box contains 3-5 alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy. The surprise snack box contains new and innovative snacks, soft drinks, confectionary and grocery just hitting the market, with a similar health focused box also available.
Your Wowbox will always have your items that we handpick from your choice of the and you can choose between the seven different box types. Once you have received your first box you can go onto your user dashboard and add extra products and merchandise to your next box!
After receiving your Wowbox we hope you will be tucking into all the delightful goodies. We hope once you have enjoyed them you will review the products to gain points, so you can buy more products, customize your box and receive incredible merchandise in your next box.
Yes, it is a monthly subscription and you need to be on either a monthly, three month or six month plan to receive a box. You can however subscribe onto the month by month plan and then cancel after any amount of boxes (before the end of the month)... we would be very sad to see you go though!
Yes of course, what a wonderful person you are! If you want to order more than one for your friend or family member please subscribe using name, email & address details of the intended recipient and your card details. Undoubtedly, they will be wowed and we can’t think of a better surprise!
Leaving so soon? We have plenty more surprises up our sleeves.
You may unsubscribe through the 'My Profile' section by the last day of the calendar month (before your subscription ends). Alternately, you may send across your cancellation / pause request via email. Cancellations and pauses cannot be made over the phone. Also note, subscriptions that have been charged will always run till the end of the contract term. The cancellation would stop any further charges. As per policy, subscription amounts once charged cannot be refunded. We encourage you to receive the boxes you have paid for.

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