WowBox Retailer Scheme

Wowboxes are delivered directly​ ​to store to sample.

Wowboxes contain new products, ​POS and coupons for repurchasing.​

Stock is delivered to merchandise ​in-store and social media campaign​ activated

See your sales and footfall ​increase.

The Scheme:

Retailers get boxes of new products, POS and repurchasing coupons delivered to store to sample.

The retailer is guaranteed a minimum of £500 value of goods (at retail) per annum. Retailers can get the first month free.

Retailers get unique discount coupons from suppliers to reorder.

Retailers must send a photograph of the goods on sale, which we upload a copy of this photo into your stores personalised facebook page.

This advert will capture your micro catchment (four surrounding streets) to visit your store to make a purchase with you. This will help increase awareness, sales and footfall.

Get your free personalised facebook page and first month free when you sign up.